Monday, 22 January 2018

Corrosive Challenge Blog inspiration-January 2018


Happy New Year 2018!!!!!

Our 1st challenge in 2018 ifor The Corrosive Challenge Blog is Anything goes!!!!!

For this challenge, I picked up my watercolour paints for the first time in around 10 years to colour this gorgeous image 
Sea Sunrise  by Fabrika Fantasy

Making just for the fun of it.

I don't do classes, but with my diminishing confidence with my art, my lack of faith in the "Buy Handmade"/"Support a local artist" community, I've decided to take a monthly class at Daisy Chain Scrapbooking using mixed medias to refresh old skills, learn new ones and to try and find my happy place again. So these are three of four cards I made in the class with my own twists and variations to the designs we were given. This class focused on Watercolours and the different techniques you can do using them alone and with mixed media. All of this was painted by myself in techniques I was familiar with and new ones. I just need to learn to loosen up and just let the paint flow ❤

Friday, 29 December 2017

Corrosive challenge blog inspiration - December

Let's try this again! Where oh where have my posts gone? I hope this one decides to stick around!

For December's challenge, I have used Christmas Clip Art  by Joyce

Corrosive challenge blog inspiration - October

Well I am not sure what happened to my last three posts, so I am reposting in the hope they stay this time!

For October's Corrosive Challenge Blog inspiration piece, I have used MOTHER'S DAY by Ike's Art 

This month, our great sponsors are:

Sasayaki Glitter

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

September Corrosive Challenge Blog inspiration

Welcome to September's inspiration for The Corrosive Challenge Blog. As usual the theme is anything goes!

For this month's inspiration piece, I have used the fabulous "Foxy Mama" from KennyK Stamps. I just love her sass and curves! As most often, I have coloured her with Copics. I hope my card can inspire you to enter the challenge!

This month's FANTASTIC sponsors are:

I'm María Emilia from Brazil and I love design!! I've created a lot of digital images which you can have a look at my store! I'd love you to share your projects made with my images at my Facebook.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

August Corrosive Challenge Blog DT inspiration post

Welcome to my August Corrosive Challenge Blog DT inspiration post.As always the theme is:"Anything Goes".
For this challenge I have used Summer Christmas2 by Ppinkydolls. I have used Copics as day I will break my pencils out again I swear!

Please, use your imagination and surprise us !!!
I'm looking forward to having a look at your projects !!!

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Welcome to July's Challenge at The Corrosive Challenge Blog with the theme Anything goes!

For this challenge, I have used Wind Fairy by IKE'S ART. Oh boy was this image a challenge and a half! Soooo many folds! I love folds, but I don't think I done the image justice with my colouring. Yes, yes, I am my hardest critic and after my third attempt, I had to stop being so hard on myself and just let it be! I ended up cropping quite a bit off when I cut it out with my die! I have used it on my deep edged canvas. I hope you all feel inspired to join this month's challenge.

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Ike's art by Sue

About me:
I live in Greece and have a passion for kitties  
I am a bit crazy or should I say I’m ‘zany’ hahaha. I have a very strange/sick sense of humour and I must admit I spend a lot of time talking to myself. !! Well, I get more sense out of me.! I reckon in a few years I shall be known as the “crazy cat lady” 
I am an artist and have a strange mind when it comes to creating my art. I either go completely true to life… right down to the last hair… or I go totally surreal. I have a passion for all things horror/Gothic etc. I’ve always loved horror films and books and I guess that’s why it creeps into my stuff
I started my Blog a few years ago and now I run my CATS ONLY Challenge Blog and IKEsWORLD CHALLENGES Blog too. (Links are below) 
Although I love crafting, my real passion is drawing, and now I just love making digital images.
My Blog is Ikes World and is at 
My Challenge Blog is 
My Cats Only Challenge Blog:

MoonFlower Art digital stamps by Andreia Silva

About the Artist

Andreia Silva, that’s the name of the artist.  She’s Portuguese, to be more precise, born in Madeira Island, also known as the atlantic pearl.  Land of great food, great weather and beautiful landscaping.

Since little been crazy over crayons and drawing, being one of the things that always were on her hobby list.
Being fascinated by stories, fantasy, mythology, princesses and all that,  marked her style, well that and manga/anime lol!  So fantasy art is her thing!

All she knows over drawing is what she had read on tutorials online and in one book or two she got from manga/anime how to draw.

Before putting some time into teaching herself on how to improve her skills, she used dolling (  A form of digital art, in which you find a base somewhere online or make your own, take it into a paint program, then draw and shade clothes on it.)  as a way to express her creativity and drawing talent. She was known online as Orathty, the crazy doller over massive hairs and loads of folds, something that still proceeds with her on the drawing now. Is her style J

Andreia also loves photography, to make some manual arts such as a bit of decoupage and  books.

The MoonFlower is one of her newest adventures, as dolling wasn’t enough to satisfy her growing desire to improve on her art.